Skydive Springfield is the closest to Springfield

Go skydiving and look Amazing while you do it! This skydive is about you. Look good while you show friends what you are doing here at Skydive Springfield. Our professional instructors have given us an excellent safety record. Bring your friends along and we’ll help with free group planning and onsite photography. We also offer group tie-dying. We definitely guarantee that each tie-dye shirt will be unique. In the sections below we will cover what to expect during a tandem skydive. Starting from the moment you arrive you’ll feel like part of the excitement.

Skydive Springfield and Skydive Missouri® are now part of Flight Providers the fastest growing skydiving center near Springfield, Missouri.

Skydive Springfield is the most exciting and vibrant skydiving center

This is why we are the fastest growing center in Missouri. Skydive Springfield is a #VibrantLife environment. You’ll be part of the skydiving community and show others your Life is Vibrant. We will provide jumpsuits that make you look good in the air. Video and photos always look better with vibrant colors. Our free onsite photographer will capture memories on the ground. The atmosphere here is unlike any other. Our entire team will make you feel welcome. We encourage everyone to ask questions and learn as much as you can about this unique experience. Onsite photographer will capture your memories from the ground.

Skydive Springfield has Onsite Photographer

Our onsite photographer will be capturing all of your Skydive Springfield activities on the ground. All of the photos that we take will be available for download. This will be a great memory that you’ll be able to share with others. Our #VibrantLife skydiving instructors will share in your excitement.

Professional Skydive Springfield Instructors

We’ve pulled the right people together to give you a #VibrantLife experience. Our professional Skydive Springfield tandem instructors will be with you each step of the way. They make make the experience fun and also follow Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. All of our tandem skydive instructors are licensed through the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Professionalism and safety go hand in hand.

Skydive Springfield’s Excellent Safety Record

Skydive Springfield has an excellent safety record. Each year all pilots, skydiving instructors, and sport jumpers, and students go through recurrency training. This occurs annually during a designed Safety Day event organized by the USPA. Pilots review communication and emergency procedures for the airplane. Jumpers review emergency procedures and get safety updates on equipment. All of these steps help ensure your group is as safe as possible.  We know it can be difficult to coordinate everyone so we also offer free group planning.

Skydive Springfield's excellent safety record.

Skydive Springfield Group Planning

Let us help with scheduling your group. We know it can be difficult to coordinate with everyone’s schedules and availability.  We’ll create a Facebook event that everyone can communicate on. People can also ask questions and everyone will see our answer. If you are organizing the group we’ll also give you a free T-shirt. (Free shirt offer is valid for groups of 4 or more jumpers.) To request an event planner fill out the contact form or text/call 417-SKYDIVE (417-759-3483). We understand that not everyone in your group may want to skydive. We also offer a group tie-dye option.

Tie-dye at Skydive Springfield

Tie-dye Skydive T-Shirts

It’s always fun to tie-dye. It’s more fun with a group of friends. The setup fee covers tie-dye colors and solutions. T-shirts are purchased separately. This setup fee is waived when your group purchases 10 or more shirts. We have a wide range of color available. This is a great option for everyone, especially those that don’t want to skydive. Here is more information about what to expect on your tandem skydive.

What to expect on your Skydive Springfield tandem

We’re always excited to answer questions. When you arrive at the airport you’ll see that we are always excited to talk about skydiving.  We’ll try to answer your questions here but always feel free to give us a call/tex 417-SKYDIVE (417-759-3483). After you arrive at the airport we start with a short training video and filling out waivers. We’ll then go over some basic safety and training information. After gearing up we’ll capture your departing thoughts on film before boarding the airplane. It’s a scenic view flying over the Ozarks. The flight gives us a few minutes to relax our nerves. As we get close to exit altitude you will get attached to your instructor. Then the door opens and you are ready to skydive! The freefall is intense as you accelerate to 120mph. Your instructor will deploy the parachute. Your skilled instructor will then guide the parachute back to the landing site. From your arrival to landing, this is an experience you won’t forget.

Arriving at Skydive Springfield

As you walk to our hangar our team will greet you. Try to walk around any parachutes lying on the ground as we walk to the office. We do require all jumpers to sign a waiver so we try to get that out of the way first. As part of the waiver you’ll also watch a short training video created by the parachute manufacture. In the office you will have the option to upgrade to a different package or buy T-shirts. Once the paperwork is done our Skydive Springfield instructors will provide some basic training.

Tandem Training at Skydive Springfield

The tandem training is fairly simple but helps ensure the skydive is successful. The training will cover how to exit the airplane and get stable in freefall. There are a couple different ways to exit the airplane. We can adjust the exit based on how tall or flexible someone is. We can do a kneeling or seated exit. After exiting we’ll use the “arch” position to get stable at 120mph. This is the best position for a clean parachute deployment. You basically extend your arms and legs while pushing your hips forward. Your hips will become the center of gravity and we will fall in a stable, belly to earth position. Your instructor will be there to deploy the parachute and review the landing.  We’ll teach and practice the landing position a few times on the ground before gearing up.

Gearing up

Time to pick your jumpsuit and gear up for the skydive. Select a Vibrant colored jumpsuit. If you’re going skydiving you need to look good. We have several different jumpsuit sizes and color options. Your Skydive Springfield tandem instructor will adjust the harness. The harnesses are designed to fit snuggly and still allow you to “arch”. They have four attachment points. You will be attached to your instructor at the hips and shoulders. Time to say goodbye to everyone on the ground.

Departure Interview

Let everyone know how you are feeling. We’ll film a quick interview before we board the airplane. It’s always fun to compare how you feel before the jump and after the jump. We’ll try to involve your friends and family in the interview also. One question we like to ask is, “Who’s idea was this?” It isn’t always the person jumping. Sometimes it’s a friend, spouse or family member that has convinced you to go skydiving. Says goodbye, time to board the airplane.

Scenic Airplane Ride

Time to enjoy the view over the Ozarks and Skydive Springfield. During the short flight we can usually see the Springfield skyline, Stockton Lake, and Pomme de Terre lake. Plus the landscape over the Ozarks is beautiful. While in the airplane we’ll review some of the training before exit. During the climb to altitude you’ll have a few minutes to relax. This helps to prepare you mentally for the jump. It’s natural to get a little nervous at this point. Our instructors have made thousands of jumps and can help calm and encourage you. If needed they can also push you out of the airplane during exit.

Exiting the Airplane

Time to skydive out of an airplane! Getting close to exit altitude your instructor connect the four attachment points. You will then move into position next to the door. When the pilot is over the airport he will singlas to open the door. Your instructor will open the door and help you into exit position. As you are staring down from thousands of feet above the ground you are ready to go skydiving. “Ready”, “Set”, “Arch!” and in a single moment you leave the airplane begin freefall.


Freefall is an exhilarating experience that very feel people get to enjoy. At Skydive Springfield we are excited to share this #VibrantLife experience with others. It’s hard to describe what freefall is like. The first few seconds are the more intense as you build up speed reaching 120mph. You definitely feel the wind picking up speed but you don’t lose your stomach like on a rollercoaster ride. Once you reach 120mph it feels more like floating. During freefall we can do some 360° turns so you can take in the full view. You can also let go over your harness and extend your arms into the freefall position. Your instructor will be monitoring the altitude for the right time to deploy the parachute.

Opening the Parachute

Your instructor will be there to deploy the parachute. It takes about 5-7 seconds for the parachute to open. Modern parachutes are designed to open smoothly so you don’t feel a sudden jolt. After the parachute is open your instructor will do a quick check to ensure everything is functioning property. After the parachute is open it’s time to enjoy floating over Skydive Springfield.

Floating Under Canopy

If freefall is the intense part of the skydive then the canopy ride is the relaxing part. The rushing sound of freefall wind goes away after the parachute is open. It gets quiet as you float silently over Skydive Springfield.  You are suspended under parachute free to look around in all directions. We can do some turns under canopy so you get the full 360° view. We can also do fast turns if you want are more exciting canopy ride. During turns under canopy you can start to feel additional G force caused by spinning. After taking in the view and doing some turns it’s time to prepare for landing.

Coming in for Landing

Under canopy your instructor will review the landing position with you. At about 1,000ft above the ground your instructor will start the designated landing pattern. All aircraft generally follow the same landing pattern. This includes airplanes, helicopters, and skydivers. This sets us up for landing back at the target area. After we land it’s time to see what you thought about the entire experience. Everyone says the experience is indescribable. This is an awesome memory to capture on film to relive later. Now that you have all of the information about Skydive Springfield it’s time to sign up.

Now you are ready for a Skydive Springfield tandem

Let us know if you didn’t answer all of your questions. We have a couple different tandem skydive packages. We always suggest buying the video and photos. This makes it easy to share the experience with friends and family. You will watch the video over and over. Skydiving is an awesome experience that we are excited to share with others. Although you don’t have to jump tandem the first time. You can actually do a solo skydive the first time.

Solo Skydiving Jump School

Ready to take the solo skydive jump school? A tandem skydive is a great way to prepare you for a solo skydive. But you can actually do a solo skydive the first time if you want. It takes 25 jumps to get your skydiving license. Your tandem skydive counts as one of those jumps. Your first solo jump includes a 4-5 hour ground school that covers everything you need to know. We cover equipment, exiting the aircraft, emergency procedures, landing, etc. For more information visit the Solo Skydive page.